Expo background location permission removal

Google updated its app publishing policy to improve user privacy. In short, it says you cannot get unnecessary location data. If you will, you need to fill out a form. We received the following warning for an application. We do not use location in our application. As such, we did not want to fill in a form. We created the application with expo. Expo is included in the default permissions, the background location app. That’s why we got this warning.

I upgraded the application version from sdk 38 to 39. I deleted package-lock.json or yarn.lock whichever you are using. I deleted the Node-module folder.
I did npm install.

It is necessary to define an empty permission to app.json, otherwise it takes the permissions by default.

"android": {
"permissions": []


Previously he was getting the following permissions.


now the permissions it gets when I build again and upload it to google play.


When you install the new apk or .abb file, it will say that it does not receive location information. You will fill in the confirmation form, the process is complete. And happy ending

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